Merck Pharma supports MedITEX IVF in Czech Republic

Following the first installation of MedITEX IVF Software in Czech Republic in PRONATAL Clinic in Prague, MedITEX attended the 19th Symposium of Assisted Reproduction in Brno on 12th and13th November 2009. The annual meeting of IVF professionals and gynecologists from Czech and Slovak Republics was very well visited and attracted many exhibitors from all over the world.

MedITEX IVF in Czech Republic

MedITEX Software solutions for quality assurance in the field of human assisted reproduction have this time been presented at the booth of Czech branch of Merck Pharma, one of official sponsors of this years’ conference. Having sponsored the MedITEX solutions for PRONATAL clinic in Prague, Merck Pharma offers support for all clinics in Czech Republic interested in increasing quality standards through modern IT techniques.

More than 100 distributed demo versions of MedITEX IVF and MedITEX Scheduler confirm the great interest of Czech IVF professionals for the software products. The joint appearance of MedITEX and Merck Pharma demonstrated the success of mutual approach to the establishing of new IT standards for documentation and quality management of IVF procedures. The software, already translated into Czech language, becomes in this way affordable for all interested customers. As Mr. Bronislav Stana, Business Unit Manager Fertility of Merck Pharma branch in Czech Republic has stated “...our goal is to help IVF clinics in Czech Republic introduce the most modern solutions in their daily practice”.