Great interest for MedITEX IVF on the ESHRE


The 2009 annual meeting of the ESHRE ("European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology") took place in Amsterdam, from 28thJune to 1st July. First time this year MedITEX presented its software solutions at the ESHRE, receiving great and positive resonance. To many interested visitors from all over the world we have demonstrated the capabilities of MedITEX IVF, our software for documentation and quality assurance in reproductive health care facilities.

MedITEX at the ESHRE 2009

With lots of modules and interfaces to medical devices and software, such as DICOM, appointment scheduler and RFID (“radio-frequency identification”) we presented a software system which perfectly blends in with the medical work environment. Genuine depiction of all work and treatment processes as well as the unlimited and flexible reporting capabilities for generating of statistics and scientific analysis received high acclaim.

The spectators were especially thrilled by the RFID identification system. It does not only simplify the work and reduces the time spent, but it also increases reliability through the unique identification of used materials. Integrated matchersystem for recognizing if oocytes and sperm for fertilization really belong to correct couple stands here in foreground. Confusion and errors are avoided, the quality and efficiency increased.

Another highlight was the mobile Toughbook CF-H1 computer by Panasonic. this lightweight and robust device meets all the relevant clinical safety standards and is easy to clean and disinfect. Equipped with a touchscreen, wireless network, a camera, and an integrated barcode and RFID readers, this mobile multifunction device is the ideal solution for fertility medicine, and a perfect platform for MedITEX IVF software.