New incubator interface to fertility database management system

The IVF software MedITEX IVF provides an open library of interface functions "MedITEX API", enabling other programs and devices to connect to MedITEX IVF database. With this functionality all relevant information can now be documented fully and completely with little effort.

Incubators in embryo culture

Due to the highly dynamic processes in IVF embryo development and deployment of cutting-edge technology, the amount of data produced is considerable. Much of this information remain at the moment unused.

The current version of MedITEX IVF has now been extended with the possibility of a comprehensive and above all efficient coverage of data produced by other programs and devices. The new open interface provides  automatized storing of respective incubator protocols, assigning them to appropriate culture media and culture day. All protocols may then be accessed at any time and from any workstation.


incubator interface to fertility database management system