MedITEX IVF – Management of cryo contracts and invoices made easy


In MedITEX IVF, the latest module Cryo contracts and billing management is the perfect addition to your daily work with all data related to the cryopreservation of human gametes.

With only a few mouse clicks you can now create and print
  • cryo contracts
  • cryo invoices
  • lists of open and due invoices


Professional contract management

MedITEX IVF provide more efficiency in contract management. It simplifies the management of contracts in which it manages the contract data and related documents in a one central place. This means that all authorized users have constant access to crucial information.

Managing contracts in MedITEX was never so easy. Due to the logical program design and intuitive user interface, daily workload can be significantly reduced. All stored samples can be selected directly from the cryo storage module and are permanently connected with the contracts.


The invoice please!

With this software you can create invoices in no time. Using the convenient management of samples, contracts, and patient data you have all your data easily at hand.

Using various templates you can create and immediately print invoices with all the relevant data. The PDF copy of each invoice will be stored in the central patient record and is accessible from any workstation.

Colors of traffic lights will show the status of each invoice (paid for, open, overdue). With a simple button click you can then initiate different actions, such as generation of payment reminders, cancellation notices, etc.



The ​​built-in lists are the central element of your cryo accounting system. There are several views for controlling at your disposal. You can review the contracts, invoices and open positions by all patients, provided and displayed in an unified view.

Different colours of traffic lights will reliably remind you of forthcoming payments. In this way no invoice can be lost or overseen - a valuable benefit.

Using the multiple selection for applying actions on more than one accounting position at a time you can generate and print invoices, reminders or cancellations at once, and thus further save valuable time.