Czech IVF centers rely on Meditex IVF

The Sanatorium Pronatal was established at the end of 1995,. It is located in the reconstructed historic building of “Slunecni lazne” (“The Sun Spa”) and is owned by the physicians. Fifty employees strive to secure maximum satisfaction of their patients and maximum success of treatment.

Over one third of the physicians are experts in the field of gynecology-obstetrics, urology, medical genetics, furthermore there are embryologists and genetic laboratories staff – graduates of science faculties.

Verification of quality has always been a significant part of there work. As of October 2000, the Pronatal Sanatorium has been a holder of the quality control certificate in compliance with the ISO EN 9001 standard (certification by a Germany’s LGA Intercert specialised – among others - in the certification of medical clinics). Another major success and award in European context is the accreditation of the Pronatal Sanatorium laboratories according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2000, which we acquired in 2001 as the first European IVF laboratory. The above-mentioned achievements are a commitment for the future to maintain on-going improvement and advancement of quality, which will continue to lead not only to optimum results, but also to an organisation of examination and treatment that guarantee the patient’s satisfaction.

Since September 2009, the quality will be further developed and the software Meditex IVF is used for the treatment documentation. The software has been localized in the Czech language and offers all the facilities to cope with the daily practice procedures efficiently.

The roadmap for 2010 is a nationwide rollout of the software in all Czech IVF centers.