First installations in Russia

The "International IVF Centre of Reproductive Medicine" in St. Petersburg is led by Prof. Dr. Vladislav Korsak, the president of Russian Assosciation for Human Reproduction. Not only because of the executive board activity of Dr. Korsak in the Russian IVF Registry, it goes without saying that this center is compliant with all quality control standards.

Since recently, the IVF software "MedITEX IVF" has beein installed and is now used for the complete documentation of all treatment processes. The clinic staff can now access electronic patient records (EMR) provided by our database from all computers in the clinic.

The russian version of MedITEX IVF is not only fully localized to the russian language, but it also complys with the requirements of Russian Ministry of Helath, enabling the users to document IVF treatments in accordance with the §67 of the Ministry of Health directive.

Prof. Dr. Korsak entirely supports the roadmap of the nationwide roll-out of MedITEX IVF software system.