MedITEX IVF Online Portat - webbased online portal for medical findings

MedITEX IVF Online Portal

Web-based portal for medical findings for MedITEX IVF

The MedITEX IVF Online Portal manages information in a unique way. As a web-based information tool, the MedITEX IVF Online Portal is consistently tailored to the information requirements of your patients during their IVF treatments. Enable your patients to request any information on the status of their treatment online at any time – with absolute data security and confidentiality.


For you and your patients:

Overall data and information management - that can be requested online at any time

In order to offer your patients this information service, we make three intelligent organisation levels available to you with the MedITEX IVF Online Portal:

Level 1: Practice in-house software MedITEX IVF data hosting

  • Database and processing unit
  • Provides patient data, therapy information, data on diagnostic findings, etc.

Level 2: MedITEX IVF Online Portal – diagnostic findings portal for internal practice use

  • Employee access for administrative tasks generated via authentication
  • Creation of diagnostic reports and notes by means of templates (lists of existing entries and creation of new templates)
  • Creation, administration and monitoring of patient accesses (password assignment / usage regulations) and protected patient information provided for level 3 (data on diagnostic findings, text messages, etc.)
  • Processing of individual diagnostic findings; highlighted data on diagnostic findings and relevant logic diagnostic reports (with reservation clause) automatically support the evaluation of individual diagnostic findings

Level 3: MedITEX IVF Online Portal – web-based patient information portal

  • The patient can easily, quickly and completely confidentially request information on his diagnostic findings: via the web address in the protected area (DMZ) of the practice network

Benefits for patients: Information and confidentiality

  • Patients can securely and confidentially request any information on their IVF treatment that is updated on a daily basis (diagnostic results, transmission of messages)

Benefits for employees: Saving of time and quality assurance

  • Data are created in the system only once
  • Diagnostic reports and messages are quickly created in a legally accepted form on the basis of intelligent, logically generated comments on diagnostic findings
  • Access and request options for patients are properly secured by authorised staff

With the MedITEX IVF Online Portal, you provide your patients with the opportunity to consistently and securely request any relevant data on their treatment online. You would like to have this solution for your practice? Your MedITEX partner will be available at any time to assist you with your individual configuration and implementation.

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