fertility database and ivf software for documentation and quality assurance


Therapy documentation and quality assurance for reproductive medicine

MedITEX IVF is our all-in-one IT solution for reproductive medicine. It allows doctors and experts in fertility centers perfect quality assurance and documentation of therapies. MedITEX IVF is a platform that enables you to collect all data relevant to diagnostics and therapy. 

It consolidates information from diverse data sources (IVF, lab, ultrasound, hormone lab, consulting room, operation room, registration desk). For this purpose, the platform can easily be adapted to the individual requirements of the respective reproductive medical center. All important data can immediately be documented and retrieved from various working areas, and all this can be done paperless.


The solution includes the following interfaces

  • Laboratory diagnostics (endocrinology, egg cell images, spermiograms)
  • Practice management and hospital information system (xDT, HL7)
  • National register (collection and export of data relevant to the fertilization process)
  • Ultrasound devices
  • Bar code and RFID
  • Microsoft Office



1) EMR - Electronic medical record

  • Immediate access to all patient files for problem, case, or process-oriented documentation in the corresponding formats / media types (text, graphic, image, film, audio)
  • Data of findings, diagnoses, treatment process, treatment results, correspondence related to therapies (started / completed)
  • Holistic, integrated patient treatment
  • Exchange of information across institutions
  • For navigation in comprehensive electronic patient files: suitable search mechanisms and sorting criteria (diagnoses, document types, episodes)
  • Quick statistical analysis of pre-determined conditions in all combinations (e.g. successful pregnancies per cycle, per follicle aspiration, per embryo transfer, etc., checking of the quality of results)


2) Practice management and organization

MedITEX allows you to organize administrative tasks and processes intelligently. This includes a perfect cryo management system including contracts, consistent documentation of information and sensitive data as well as a quick and uncomplicated execution of communication tasks (medical reports, contracts, diagnostic reports).

Your administration benefits in terms of planning, logistics, and schedule and resource management – as a consequence you can save time and cost.


3) Data validation and prospectivity

Besides the collection and management of data, MedITEX IVF – as an intelligent solution – allows you to continuously check invalid data records which can then be corrected quickly.

In order to improve data quality, you can define plausibilities for all relevant fields. In addition, you can define rules for the entry of data records in a pre-determined period (prospectivity).


Other modules for MedITEX IVF

MedITEX IVF Online PortalMedITEX IVF Online Portal
Portal for medical findings in your
practice and web-based information
portal for patients

MedITEX SchedulerMedITEX Scheduler
Organization, planning and coordination
tool for your team, your patients, your
counseling and treatment
MedITEX DICOM  ConnectorMedITEX DICOM Connector
Open standard for the exchange
and communication of
information / digital images
MedITEX RFID ConnectorMedITEX RFID Connector
Contactless, automatic authentication of
personnel and patients, and identification of
documents and materials