RFID für die Kennzeichnung und Identifikation im Gesundheitswesen

MedITEX RFID Connector

Localization and identification with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Use the MedITEX RFID Connector to automate and improve the resources, operations and processes in your practice in terms of quality and efficiency. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enables the contactless, automated identification and localisation of objects and human beings, thus considerably facilitating the recording and storage of data.

With MedITEX RFID Connector we offer a turnkey solution for the use of RFID in clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

One RFID system includes an RFID data carrier, also known as "transponder" or "tag", and an RFID identification system consisting of an electronics unit and an antenna. Transponders can be used in different versions, as centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, patient cards (check cards), employee cards, and adhesive labels.

RFID Identsystem
RFID Transponder
RFID Items
MedITEX RFID Identsystem
MedITEX RFID Transponder

Health care requirements:
  • Automation of processes facilitates medical and business documentation
  • Processes for health care providers and patients must be more effective
  • Confusion of patients, or errors in medical treatment and medication should be prevented
  • Improvement of treatment quality

Application spectrum:

  • Resource management: logical and physical link between the transponder ID and the item or object
  • Security: Unambiguous assignment of personalized key for user authentication (eg. IVF software)
  • Patient: fast and unambiguous identification of patients (patient tracking)
  • Process: doctors and health care workers can quickly and easily access different data such as patient number, name, or medical finding
  • Optimization: simplification of input and transfer of patient data


The interface of the RFID MedITEX Connector runs as a standalone server application and can thus be easily integrated in an existing software. This results in many other application areas for optimal support of work processes.


Examples for RFID use

Benefits and advantages of RFID patient card

MedITEX RFID Patient card
  • No confusion - unique identification of patients
  • Lessening of treatment and medication error incidence
  • Substantial time saving through decrease of the number of typing errors
  • Quick access to pationt data
  • Automatic invocation of assigned treatments and procedures in the program
  • Safety for the patient
  • Marketing for the doctor & practice

Benefits and advantages of RFID for material identification

  • Paperless work
  • Faster and proper identification without having to note down or type
  • Significant reduction of administrative costs
  • Unambiguous designation of samples and materials
  • Unambiguous identification of samples and materials
  • Faster access to the associated data
  • Automatic invocation of associated procedures
  • Effective organization of laboratory workflows
  • Tracing of individual samples and materials
  • Safe efficient documentation of all treatment steps
  • Simultaneous identification of multiple transponders
  • Safety through unambiguous matching of corresponding samples
  • Preventing of confusion and its consequences
Document identification with a RFID Chip

Benefits and advantages of document identification with RFID

  • Quick access to associated electronic data
  • Quick access to the electronic patient record in the software (invoking of patient data)
  • Simple document tracking and localization
  • Simultaneous acquisition of several documents


Benefits and advantages of personnel authentication with RFID

  • Unambiguous assignment of personalized key for user authentication
  • Quick log in and easy user switching (no restart of software necessary)
  • Fast and reliable admission control